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Our Story 

Like they say back home,
“El amor entra por la cocina.“

So what best way to get to know me and my story than by welcoming you to my home and introducing you to my favorite flavors. 

Coquito, Passion Fruit Colada, and Guava y Queso are just a few of the delicious flavors that I brought with me from my island and use as an introduction to my story.

But let’s take it back to the beginning.

My name is Miredys. I’m half Dominican and half Puerto Rican.
I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

Growing up, my family had a bakery in El Pueblo de Luquillo where I spent many childhood summers. 

There, I learned and I had fun, but most importantly I saw firsthand how my parents built our family business from the ground up. Who knew that modest place would turn into my creative playground and  business school. It’s funny to see it all come full circle.


After years of living out one of my dreams, creating music, I decided to change gears. I left the music business to embark on my entrepreneurial journey.

My fondest memories while growing up were always around food, music, and celebrations, so I wanted my new venture to embody all of those things.

That’s how Cake Bash Studio was created.

The brand was first introduced as a YouTube channel. Through this platform we were able to test the market and grow our audience to 150k loyal subscribers, many of whom years later became regular customers.

A year later, I then opened a brick and mortar shop, a joyful studio where we make cake dreams come true. We specialize in custom cakes with fast turnaround times; while sharing my culture & flavors with our SoCal customers.

In an effort to take our customer’s experience to new heights we created Flash Bash, a CIY model which stands for “customize it yourself”. With this one of a kind model, we are revolutionizing the shopper experience by providing a custom solution for our everyday celebrations; making the cake shopping experience as easy, accessible, and personalized as possible.

I hope you enjoy my casa. I’m humbled to serve, build, and lead a community that is helping to carry out our mission to spread joy and create sweet memories one cake at a time.